Workshop Dates

Curious what kind of workshops we host? Check out this page to see our upcoming events, and see descriptions and examples of past workshops!

As of now, we have the funding to develop and implement workshops roughly once a month, from February 2018- December 2018. Our workshops will focus on themes of food literacy, including growing food, cooking food, preparing food, how to use specific kitchen tools (such as knife skills), budgeting for food, accessing food, and more! We welcome all feedback, and would love to know what workshop theme you would like to see! Email us at with any questions, comments, suggestions, and recommendations.

Upcoming Workshops:

Beginner Container Gardening

Please come join the Food Skills Connection for our 8th FREE workshop, Beginner Container Gardening! This event is open to EVERYONE. This event is being facilitated by the wonderful Heather Parker from City Harvest Coop, and will feature a presentation explaining the basics of container gardening, before participants get to choose what veggies they want to plant and bring home! Vegetarian and vegan food and drinks will be provided.

We will be providing all the plants and containers, but if you have a container that you would love to use up, please bring it with you! Any old container will do as long as it is at least the size of a gallon.
We will also be offering free delivery of plants after the workshop, for all those of you who are taking the bus or walking.

This is a FREE workshop, but Registration is limited so PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Register by emailing us at Let us know if you have any accessibility needs or dietary restrictions.

ACCESSIBILITY: The workshop will be held at the UVic Campus Community Garden. The grounds are accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and scooters, but unfortunately the only washroom on site is a portable washroom that isn’t accessible for wheelchairs. Other washrooms nearby are at CARSA, a 5min walk away. Adjustable-height tables can be made available, just let us know in your registration email.

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Past Workshops:

Kitchen Warm Up: The Basics

This workshop was held exclusively for folks who work with Community Living Victoria. We had a blast learning basic food skills, such as using knives, chopping, mixing, baking, and cooking on stovetops!

Special thank you to Community Living Victoria for hosting us and allowing us to collaborate on this fun and accessible workshop. We met wonderful folks and we would love to be back again soon.

Lastly, huge shoutout to Vancity, specifically the Vancity Mount Tolmie Community Branch, for funding our workshops and programs this year. Without the support of the Mount Tolmie branch and all the wonderful staff, this upcoming season of workshops would not be happening as smoothly!

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University of Victoria Student’s Society Farmer’s Market 2017


Can-O-Rama! Free Beginner Canning Workshop

Come join The Food Skills Connection with our 6th FREE workshop, Can-O-Rama: A Free Beginner Water-Bath Canning Workshop, on August 23rd from 6-9pm.
This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to can, specifically using the water bath method. There are lots of ways to self-teach and learn online, but there are also a lot of food safety concerns and canning myths that we would like to dispel, so we have recruited Tim Fryatt, one of the seasoned food preservation experts from LifeCycles Project Society. We are super excited to have Tim share his time with us. While learning how to can, we will be making two recipes: one sweet and one savory. Participants will get to take home jars of the goods we’ve made!

PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE AUG 20th, by emailing us at Please also let us know any accessibility needs or dietary restrictions.

ACCESSIBILITY: The workshop will be held at the Emmanuel Baptist Church, in their wonderful open and airy kitchen. The church is located at 2121 Cedar Hill X Road, right at the beginning of the UVic campus. It is accessible by the 14, 15, 7, and the 11 routes, and is a 5 minute walk from the UVic campus.
The workshop is for anyone 9+ years of age. The Church kitchen is wheelchair and walker accessible. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions upon registering.


Put a Plant In It 2.0: Free Farm Tour of Haliburton Farms!

Come join The Food Skills Connection with our 5th FREE workshop, Put A Plant In It 2.0: FREE Tour of Haliburton Farms!
We will be heading off to Haliburton Farms for a farm tour, checking out the different organic farming efforts on the land, standing on wetlands and discussing restoration efforts, wildlife habitat, niche markets, food security, fruit and vegetables. After the hour-long tour, we will have a picnic, enjoying some homemade snacks (like energy bars) and light refreshments. At the end there will be a chance to take home your choice of FREE organic produce.

FREE TRANSPORTATION IS PROVIDED. We will be riding the Social Action Bus there and back, and there will be two pick-up/drop-off locations: the parking lot of Community Living Victoria, and outside the Student Union Building at UVic near the rainbow crosswalk. **Pick-up will be at 4pm, and drop-off will be around 7:30-8pm.** If you prefer to get to the farm by your own means, that is fine too.

PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE JULY 21st, by emailiing us at Let us know in your email which location you will be waiting at for pick-up, or if you are transporting yourself to the farm. Please also let us know any accessibility needs or dietary restrictions.
Accessibility: The workshop will be held outside at Haliburton Farms. The tour will involve walking along a relatively narrow trail. Please arrive dressed for any weather. Unfortunately, the Social Action Bus is not wheelchair, scooter, or stroller friendly. This is an all-ages event, kids are welcome!


Gardening Picnic: Planting Herbs and Having a Garden Picnic

Come join The Food Skills Connection with our 4th FREE workshop, PUT A PLANT IN IT! We will be planting herbs in container gardens, learning about the herb care, easy container planting, and herb uses. This is a perfect opportunity to ease into container gardening, especially is you’re living in a housing situation without much outdoor space, and/or have little gardening experience (or have experience but want to join us for the fun of it!). Elizabeth Hull from Dig This will be facilitating the workshop, and will lead us through an informative container gardening tutorial indoors. Participants will then have a chance to try out picnic-style food dishes that use all the herbs we will be planting. Examples include taboulleh, rosemary scones, and thyme lemonade! Finally, we will get down to business and begin planting herbs.
Every participant will choose at least 4 herbs to plant in containers to bring home at the end of the workshop! The herbs we will have to choose from include: sage, rosemary, dill, thyme, mint, basil, parsley, and chives! We will also have cucumbers on hand. We will have recycled containers of assorted sizes on hand at the workshop, but we encourage you to bring your own containers if you can! Examples of good-size containers are: empty yogurt containers (950g and up), 1-4 liter pails, wooden boxes, large wide-mouth jars, etc. Send us an email for more ideas!
PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE MAY 26TH. To register, send us an email at or fill out this form:
We know that many of you will be busing, biking, or walking to the workshop, and the herb containers will may be heavy to carry after the workshop. Workshop facilitators will be able to arrange a drop-off of the containers for all participants immediately after the workshop- just let us know upon registration if you require this.
Accessibility: The workshop will be held at Community Living Victoria. The workshop will be held both indoors and outside. The building has a ramp, elevator, and wheelchair-accessible washrooms. There building is set up to be spacious, with plenty of room for walkers, scooters, strollers, wheelchairs, etc. Please let us know upon registering if you have any dietary restrictions, so we can adapt our picnic recipes. This is an all-ages event. There will be a facilitator to lead young children in the workshop.
Community Living Victoria is at 3861 Cedar Hill Cross Road, and is a 10min walk from Shelbourne St, a 15min walk from McKenzie Ave, and a 5min walk from the #25 bus stop.
Garden Party Workshop


Mystery Food Box: What Can You Make With What You Have?

Most of us have all been in a place where we have 3 random food items left in our fridge, and we have tried to make a meal out of it. In this workshop, we will be looking at how to make good tasting, healthy meals out of food items that can be hard to pair together. This workshop will be facilitated by the fantastic Community Cabbage, a group of UVic students who are experts in the art of making meals out of boxes of spontaneous and random donations and reclaimed food. Participants will make food in teams, have a sit-down dinner, do some quick clean-up, and then head home with leftovers! We will be using both reclaimed food from the Mustard Seed’s Food Rescue program, and participants will divide into teams and each choose a box filled with mystery ingredients. Each team will brainstorm¬†

When: April 11, 5:30-8pm

Where: Emmanuel Church, at 2121 Cedar Hill X-Road, Victoria BC, V8P 2R6

Accessibility: Kitchen and washrooms at ground level, with accessible workspaces, and adjustable tables and adaptable knives can be made available. Please let us know if you have any specific accessibility needs when you register. All recipes can be made vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free; please let us know ahead of time if you have any dietary restrictions!

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One Pot All Ya Got! Learning How To Make Healthy, Easy, Hearty Meals Only Using One Pot!

This is the 2nd workshop in our series. Join us to learn how to make easy and delicious meals with just one pot. Recipes include a savory curry chicken lentil soup, a delicious vegetarian pasta, and a sweet fruit crisp to tie the evening together! Participants will make the food, have a sit-down dinner, do some quick clean-up, and then head home with all the leftovers!

When: Wednesday, March 15th
Time: 5-8pm
Where: St. Aidan’s United Church, 3703 St. Aidan’s Street

****Due to limited capacity, this event requires registration. Please email to register****

The workshop will be held in the kitchen in the basement of the church. St. Aidan’s has a ramp at the entrance, as well as an elevator. The space itself is suitable for scooters, walkers, strollers, and wheelchairs.
Parking is available in the church parking lot. The church is a 17min walk from UVic, a 2 min walk from the #14 stop, and is close to the #27 and #28 stops.
Please let us know if you have any food allergies, all recipes can be made vegan and/or gluten-free very easily!

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Snack Attack! Learning How to Make Healthy, Inexpensive, Easy Snacks to Get You Through Your Day!

OUR FIRST WORKSHOP! The UVSS Food Bank & Free Store is a part of a food literacy group called the Food Skills Connection, and we are putting on a series of food skills workshops throughout the next six months. Our first hands-on workshop is all about learning how to make easy, healthy, and cheap snacks to take to school/work/knitting club/the bar/wherever really. We will be making ENERGY BARS, SALAD-IN-A-JAR, AND MUFFINS, and you’ll get to take a few of everything home! The workshop is FREE, and will be held at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen on Feb. 8th from 3:30-6:30. All ingredients and equipment are provided, just bring yourself and a friend!

Register by emailing! Space is limited, so we recommend registering as soon as possible.

-This event is open to the entire community!
-Please let us know ahead of time if you have dietary restrictions, any accessibility needs, and/or young children. Recipes will be adapted for dietary restrictions and diverse abilities, and there are some adaptive kitchen equipment/tools available as well.
-The Shelbourne Community Kitchen is wheelchair and walker accessible and there are adjustable working tables.
-The Shelbourne Community Kitchen is right on the #27 and #28 bus routes, the #14 is a short walk away, and the #8 and #4 are roughly 15 minutes away.
-There is parking in the Church parking lot across the street on Cedar Ave.

FSC Poster

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